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Smart Fortwo Xclusiv CABRIO Už od 199 Kč/den

VW FOX Stav nového vozu. rv: 2011. Už od 266 Kč/den

Půjčujeme Ford Transit Jumbo v perfektním stavu. Už od 700 Kč/den

Hyundai Matrix Lavita Už od 266 Kč/den


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Peugeot Boxer L4H2 Už od 750 Kč/den

Půjčujeme Ford Transit Jumbo v perfektním stavu. Už od 700 Kč/den

Car rental and supply of Prague

Today's time is amazing. It is the time of scientific breakthroughs, perhaps every month renowned scientists discover another incredible fact from the world of science, technology or nature. But for most of us, it is nothing but an interesting novelty. On the other hand, our Prague Supply, this is another coffee, because it can help you more than you can think now. We'll explain it right away.

AutoOdStrejdy car rental Prague is different in many ways, because not only does it rent, it rents, it also offers you the opportunity to make money! How is it possible? Maybe you also have your own car that you do not use too often and he just stands in the parking lot or in your garage. Would not it be better for you to earn some extra money for the time you did not need your car? Give it to our other customers to rent!

Check out our Prague car rental web site where you will find that we have:

  • Very low prices
  • Wide selection of cars
  • Intimate access to every customer

In addition, if you decide to rent your car through our wonderful car rental to other people, you do not have to worry about your car, van or other car. How do you ask? Because you choose yourself to whom to borrow your car. And you will also determine the price. Does it seem incredible? We are truly revolutionary in this respect, but it has nothing to do with scientific progress. In short, we are just meeting your requirements.

Would you like proof that it really works? That's no scam? Do you want proof that our prices are really so low? Check back on our site where you can read reviews of our services. You will see that we are not thinking about it, you will see that AutoOdStrejdy really is the rental of cars where you can not only cheaply borrow your chosen model, but you can also own your car to earn money when you do not need it yourself. Great, right?